795f82e31c3f798c617da379dcd47b9e More and more international surfers start open their eyes for the beautiful coastline of Norway.This much because of the good job the guys in northern Norway has done with profiling the surfsport.This year they got in contact with Nordic Naturals and made an sponsor agreement that made it possible to lift the competition to new levels.


Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters 2013 was the biggest surfcompetition ever in scandinavia with 10.000 USD, 97 surfers from 12 countries, live stream and scoring system.Photo-7-705x470


Results Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters 2013 

1. Luca Petersen Guichard | Norway/Portugal
2. Remi Pettersen | South-Africa
3. Freddie Meadows | Sweden
4. Timothy Latte | Sweden


1. Gilvanita Ferreira | Brazil
2. Jannicke Aasen (1. plass NM) | Norway
3. Åse Ødegård (2. plass NM) | Norway
4. Camilla Pedersen (3. plass NM) | Norway


Norwegian Champions Open
1. Åge Obrestad
2. Andreas Møgster
3. Lars Monsen
4. Mikael Bones


Masters (35+)
1. Shane Desmond | USA
2. Fernando Odrio | Spain
3. Dudu Melao | Brazil/Norway


Norwegian Champions Masters (35+)
1. Frode Goa
2. Rune Westre
3. Erik Hammer
4. Ronny Olsen


Lofoten Masters Longboard
1. Roar Berge | Norway
2. Julius Vegas | Norway
3. Katrine Røed | Norway
4. Per Benjaminsen | Norway

Lars Benjaminsen
Anker Frantzen
Ole Benjaminsen
Pia Breivik

Watch highlights on Vimeo!

©Egil V.H


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