Rip Curl E-bomb

This is a perfect wetsuit for the cold summer surf in Norway. The Ripcurl E-bomb 4/3 have the warmth, comfort, construction and flexibility and is a must have for surfers this summer! One thing I noticed about the wetsuit before I even put it on was how ridiculously light the wetsuit was, and after a 2 hour session in 14deegres water I was still warm.

The E-Bomb has revolutionized the way we think about performance in wetsuits. This suit is built to provide the least restriction while maintaining the warmth needed in any climate. New this year is our exclusive E3+ tape on the interior which replaces liquid tape for maximum flexibility and durability.

Glued and Blind-stiched – Triple glued, double stitched seam only penetrates one side of the neoprene allowing high stretch, strength, and minimal water entry

Stress Point Taped – Tape is added to the key stress points and junctions to increase strength and durability

E3 Neoprene – The third generation of Elastomax Superstretch Neoprene.  Lighter, Warmer, and More Flexible


The price is not to bad, you can get this killer wetsuit for around 290 dollars, buy it here!


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