Surfing New York

When you think of New York surfing is probably the last thing you have in mind.
But New York is actually a great place for surfing.The North Atlantic pumps in great waves to the shores of New Jersey and the Outer Banks in the fall and the winther. So take your girlfriend with you and combine city life, surfing and shopping!

Long Beach, NY hosts the Quiksilver Pro New York Surf Competition, one of the biggest surf events in the world with a $1 million prize.


Known as “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” Ocean City, New Jersey, boost more surf accolades than any northeastern surf establishment. Home to Dean Randazzo, New Jersey’s only ASP World Tour Competitor, and a fresh crop of committed and aspiring WQS surfers, Ocean City takes its surfing seriously. The local high school has won eight consecutive state surfing championships, and despite an unfriendly climate, the locale’s consistency and proximity to ledgier surf put it on the U.S. surf map.


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