X-Games Tignes 2012

Once again the X-games was held in Tignes, France. And everything was put in to place for a great event. Since we have seen little of Shaun White in competitions the last year, many wondered what he had to show…… and Shaun answerd with a WHITESHOW.

Shaun White won his first gold medal in Slopestyle since 2009. With a switch double cork 1080 and two double cork 1260s, he earned a score of 97points.

“These guys have been pushing the limits of what’s possible in the Slopestyle course and they put the gauntlet in front of me,” White said. “I think I’ve finally caught up and I’m happy to be back.”

Mark McMorris earned silver with a score of 90 and a run that included a frontside cab 1080 and a frontside double cork 1080.

Eric Willett took bronze with a score of 88 and a run that included two double cork 1080s.

Shaun´s amazing run in the superpipe, which included a switch cab double cork, a double McTwist 1260 and an alleyoop rodeo, made Shaun White a dobbel gold medalist with a score of 98. Louie Vito took second and Iouri Podladtchikov finished third.

(Source: Espn.com, Picture: Julie Tørrissen)


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