Surf guide Norway/Unstad

In the Northern part of Norway you find many good surfspots. One of the most known is the beautiful Unstad Beach, any swell from the Atlantic Ocean will break here. Often the swell here will be bigger than most spots further south.

The swell are consistent and the best ones are the swells
from southwest to north. All wind directions, except western and northernwinds, are good.


Sas and Widerøe can fly you from Gardermoen(Oslo Airport) to Leknes where you can rent a car or you can get someone from Unstad Camping to pick you up.

Accomendation: Unstad camping

cabin: 3pcs 650nok

cabin: 5pcs 750nok

cabin 12-14pcs 1700nok

Check out Unstad Camping here.

Welcome to the Arctic circle


Article by Egil Hjelmeland/ Surfing Norway


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