Wetsuit in the Arctic waters

Most people do not combine surfing with the arctic climate like the one we have here in Norway. But the technology in the equipment have changed, making it possible to surf  the cold winter waves of Norway like it was a warm surf day in Hawaii. If you’re serious about surfing in the coldest surroundings possible you need the best equipment you can get.

One of my favorite winter suits are the Xcel 6mm Infiniti hooded suit. 6mm of neoprene means one thing: warmth. UltraStretch neoprene and a front zip means you’re also going to be flexible.

Get more info about the wetsuit Xcel Infiniti here.


In the summer you don´t need a 6mm, since the temperature can reach as high as 15 degrees. For the summer I can recommend the Quicksilver 4mm Cypher CZ (Kelly Slater 2012). Quciksilver say:

The CYPHER is unbelievably flexible, light weight and warm, thanks to the combination of our new Fiber-Lite and Bio-Fleece Thermal Neoprene and our Flexmax Seal seam sealing.

More info about th e cypher wetsuit here.

Article by Egil Hjelmeland


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