Surf Specific Fitness Training

Step 1 – Increase your paddle fitness 

To prove your aerobic system and your anaerobic system you need to do intervals. All you need is a 12min superprogram:

  • Warm up: 2 min 50%
  • 100% for 20 sec,10sec walk x10
  • 50%(Walk) 5min.

Step 2 – core stability and rotary power

Boso ball exercises its perfect to improve your core stability. Stand on a boso ball with a fitness ball between your hands. Move from one side to the other side.

  • Hold for 20sec, 20 rep booth sides

Step 3 – Increase your upper body strength and power

You need muscle endurance in your arms, back and shoulders so you can keep up the paddling intensity.

Push ups on fitness ball.

  • 12 x 3 80% 1RM








Step 4 – Improve your mobility and flexibility

Yoga is a perfect way to get the mobility and flexibility you need for surfing
Mobility is the ability to move your joints into flexible positions, and also have the joint stable in those positions.

Article by Egil Hjelmeland



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